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Salesforce Support

Our Salesforce support services cover user help desk, 24/7 system monitoring, functionality upgrades, etc. As a registered Salesforce partner, we deliver complete development and administration support of Salesforce solutions to guarantee quick enhancement and stable performance.

Salesforce support & maintenance includes activities essential to maintain your new, flawless, and advanced Salesforce CRM application. It is about improving the efficiency, rating, traffic, protection, sales, and customer experience of a company. Such services require continuous monitoring, upgrading, and correction of any issues. Salesforce maintenance helps to keep your Salesforce CRM software safe and available.

Salesforce support & maintenance extends to the activities essential to maintain your flawless, new, and higher Salesforce CRM application. It is about boosting the rating, efficiency, protection, traffic, customer experience, and sales of a company. A Salesforce support & maintenance service requires continuous monitoring, correction, and upgrading of any issues. Salesforce maintenance helps to maintain your Salesforce CRM software safe and available. Maintained software lets you increase the reputation of your company and gain greater loyalty and trust.


Here are a few challenges associated with Salesforce implementation:

The Scope of our Salesforce Support

We undertake the complete development and administration support of your Salesforce solution or manage support functions, based on your needs.

Administration Support

Day-to-day administration: We configure a particular Salesforce solution on user’s request. For instance, setting up workflows, configuring custom reports, and installing apps to ensure the stability of Salesforce-supported business operations.

Data administration: We upload data, clean data, set up duplicate and validation rules, etc.

24/7 System monitoring: We quickly detect and rectify errors in Salesforce performance, which helps to avert critical performance issues.

Monthly health checks: We check the Salesforce solution for inefficiencies and determine which features/processes need optimization.

User help desk: We support Salesforce solution users by answering questions regarding issues such as system unavailability or issues affecting multiple users.


Development Support

Troubleshooting: We promptly respond to complex security/performance/other Salesforce-related issues that need to be resolved on the code level

System evolution: We implement key enhancements to a Salesforce solution based on change requests and amend default functionality quickly with zero impact to current business operations running in Salesforce.

KPIs:We are self-managed and transparent in our work. You can monitor our support services efficiency with KPIs including:

  • Number of cases resolved (by type: change requests, incidents)
  • User satisfaction
  • Average case resolution time
  • Complaint escalation rate
  • SLA success rate


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Salesforce is undoubtedly the best CRM in the world. It offers a range of diverse cloud services with standalone applications in general and specific CRM solutions catering to all kinds of business.

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