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Lightning brings improved productivity and quicker time-to-market. When migrating to Lightning, you may encounter the following challenges:


Questions to Consider before
Your Salesforce Data Migration


Record Ownership

How do you ensure that record ownership is properly executed in the new system? Who would be handling the data?



Are organization-wide defaults and current profiles appropriately set up in the new environment?


Clean Up

Are there any sluggish applications that you can uninstall? Any identical data files that can be removed? Which dataset is still significant?



Is your existing Salesforce environment large enough to manage the surplus data being migrated into it?



Are you correctly ascertaining the ordering of object inserts (records) into your new Salesforce system? Are naming constraints consistent?



Have you done the back-up of old data environment properly before commencing the new Salesforce data migration?



What’s your deadline/timeline for the project? Have you spent enough time to check data migration testing thoroughly before rolling it out to the users?


Everything About the Different Types of Salesforce Clouds
Salesforce is undoubtedly the best CRM in the world. It offers a range of diverse cloud services with standalone applications in general and specific CRM solutions catering to all kinds of business.

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Conquer Your Salesforce Data Migration Challenges

While creating and implementing a Salesforce data migration plan may cost more time and money upfront, establishing these best practices will improve the usability and efficiency of your new system in the long run – which, in turn, be cost-effective long-term, result in higher user adoption rates and a better ROI. Our knowledgeable certified data migration consultants engineer the perfect custom integration plan and walk your team through each step of the Salesforce data migration lifecycle.

  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Understanding Data
  • Preparing Data and a Destination Org
  • Completing and Verifying a Test Migration
  • Migrating and Validating Data