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Salesforce Managed Services

We offer a complete set of activities to ensure optimum Salesforce CRM performance and avoid system issues. As an experienced Salesforce managed services provider, we help organizations maintain and develop Salesforce solutions that align with their business requirements.

Our services are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective to support, manage, and encompass your Salesforce processes. This enables you to focus more on core competencies as the upgrades, housekeeping, and development of fresh blocks to house new business operations are dealt by a team of experts.

With the growth of your business, your company needs to be in line with new or revised processes as well as security and operational changes. In addition, Salesforce is continuously evolving, with several features incorporated or removed according to industry requirements.

This brings about a variety of Salesforce implementation challenges that includes managing process enhancements, and handling updates concerned with new releases. Depending on the implementation complexity and organizational scope, it is even more of a challenge today to find the necessary skillset to extend, manage and support your Salesforce organization.


This brings forth various challenges with your Salesforce implementation, such as:

Traditionally, Salesforce is managed by a team varying in size between 2-20 depending upon the organization size and implementation complexity. It has become even more challenging now as managing, extending, and supporting a Salesforce org has become complex and requires a variety of specific skills.

Here are the different ideas on how Salesforce managed services improve your operations.

Reactive vs. proactive vs. predictive approach


Reactive approach, also known as break-fix approach, is when you respond to a damage after it occurs. A classic example is resolving an issue when the process-related code is broken. This business is greatly impacted. Persistent downtimes lead to revenue losses, affect the application’s success, and reduce end-user trust in the system.

A proactive approach brings in more reliability to the service and keeps a check on the support activity costs. These can be condition-based, time-based, or even predictive, and depend on application data to detect the problematic areas.

What is Your Takeaway
from Our Services?

We offer a reliable Salesforce solution that consistently evolves with your business requirements. We ensure that your Salesforce CRM aligns completely with your business goals and evolves properly to handle the requirements and process changes. We also assure optimal Salesforce performance by averting key security and performance issues.

We offer Salesforce variations and enhancements without any impact on Salesforce-based business operations and user activities.

We ensure complete coverage of your Salesforce requirements, which saves you from having a big Salesforce team in-house.

We process your business requirements efficiently and convert them into tangible technical necessities, with negligible or no managerial involvement. We capitalize on our project management experience to deliver the required system changes promptly, reducing your management and supervision efforts.

Make the Most of your Salesforce CRM


Are you looking to bring in maximum value for your sales, marketing, and customer service? Our team can help.

What We Offer

We deliver a complete suite of Salesforce managed services, including:

  • We evaluate your business requirements and suggest how they can be addressed using Salesforce. We examine your sales, marketing, and customer service needs and outline Salesforce clouds, features, and editions (custom or default) that will enable you to address these requirements appropriately.
  • We offer recommendations on further feature improvements and business processes in Salesforce.
  • We elaborate on ways to adjust your Salesforce solution to the ever-changing sales, marketing, and customer service needs. For instance, we can initiate custom approval methods (for example, purchase approvals), revise case distribution rules, and produce communication scenarios for various customer segments.
  • We implement Salesforce Clouds, and deploy Marketing, Sales, Service and many other Salesforce Clouds to build your exclusive Salesforce solution, which guarantees the complete coverage of your specific business requirements.

  • We deploy other Salesforce products. We supplement your Salesforce solution with custom apps or AppExchange, or other Salesforce products (such as Salesforce Einstein and CPQ and Billing) to cover your business requirements completely.
  • We carry out Salesforce customization. We customize your Salesforce solution using codes (Visualforce, Apex code, Lightning Components) or point-and-click tools (configuration) to facilitate custom workflows, email templates, report/dashboards, etc.


  • We create customized Salesforce applications. We build custom Salesforce apps suited for your internal requirements to address specific tasks including lead assignment and document generation, or include a key functionality to Salesforce (property management, delivery planning, etc.).
  • We offer Salesforce integrations. We provide Salesforce integrations with third-party systems (DMS, ERP, E-commerce platforms, etc.) to facilitate smooth user experience and seamless integration for all systems.
  • We offer continual Salesforce solution management. We do data administration, user administration, etc. to free you from routine administration tasks.
  • We do constant monitoring and system performance checks. We uphold your Salesforce CRM health and stability by monitoring your solution and resorting to preventive measures against any issue.
  • We offer issue resolution and bug fixing. We identify and eliminate code-based errors, resolve performance issues, fine-tune misconfigured add-ons and features to ensure optimal Salesforce performance.


Everything About the Different Types of Salesforce Clouds
Salesforce is undoubtedly the best CRM in the world. It offers a range of diverse cloud services with standalone applications in general and specific CRM solutions catering to all kinds of business.

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