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Salesforce DevOps

We develop Salesforce DevOps strategy, build Salesforce CI/CD-based solutions and handle Salesforce environments and releases. We have industry-wide experience in developing Salesforce continuous integration and deployment solutions, and we understand the DevOps principles, processes, and tools in their minutest detail.

Salesforce development and release management squads have achieved considerable progress in continuous integration and application in the past few years. Here are a few challenges while adopting DevOps practice in Salesforce platform.

Salesforce development and release management teams have made good strides towards continuous integration and application in the last few years – here are some of the challenges for teams while adopting DevOps practice for Salesforce platform.

Complications with Salesforce Metadata

GIT and associated

Multi-flavored development

Out-of-Sync environments

Our advanced Salesforce systems DevOps solutions include:

Salesforce DevOps Tool and Design Selection

We work with your team to realize your business requirements for product releases and existing state of your organization’s DevOps practices, tools, and knowledge as part of our Salesforce DevOps strategy and tool selection methodology to deliver the following:

Salesforce DevOps vision, setting out the future state in terms of processes and tools for development, coding management, production, and QA, UAT and Hotfix sandboxes.

Salesforce release management workflows, delivering end to process from release planning to development to deployments of features assembled for various releases.

Salesforce CI/CD tool selection for CI, CD solution – Scratch Orgs, Jenkins, AutoRabit, etc. Salesforce code and environment management practices to enable development process for multiple development teams.


Salesforce DevOps Solution Build and Deployment

We deliver the following as part of our Salesforce DevOps solution build and deployment:

Development of Salesforce CI/CD job by making use of Jenkins or other tools such as Copado, AutoRabit, etc. Getting consent across all business teams and development teams on the selected tools and processes. Conducting training for developers, product owners, and release engineers on CI/CD jobs. Integrate with JIRA, GIT, Microsoft TFS, Bitbucket, RallyDev, etc.


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