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Salesforce Customization

Our services tailors Salesforce products to business-specific marketing, sales, and service requirements. Since 2009, we are helping our customers customize and configure CRM systems to improve sales productivity and revenue.

You need to go for customization when:


Depending on your business requirements, the intricacy of your internal processes, and the quantity of data you use, we configure your Salesforce solution using default tools or customize using Lightning platform.

We incorporate custom fields, objects, and records to your Salesforce solution to get data reflected beyond its standard functionality.

We enforce business rules into CRM by making use of Apex triggers, which helps in automating service, sales, and marketing processes, making it easier to understand and manage.

We automate regular and recurring tasks using Apex triggers and workflows that includes sending email notifications and allocating follow-ups. Using workflow tools such as Workflow Rules, Process Builder, or Apex Code for this kind of automation improves your employees’ productivity and saves them from rote and tedious routines.

We facilitate bulk handling of data to help with critical data operations such as mass record updates, weekly lead assessments, and many other tasks. For this, we load and remove large data sets in your Salesforce solution and do several record updates with bulk triggers.


CRM Customization Benefits

We know how you can achieve success from Salesforce customization. Here are some benefits when you tailor your solution:

Revenue increase. According to a Salesforce Relationship Survey, using Salesforce helps in improving a deal’s win rate up to 24%. We help you accomplish even better results using Salesforce customization. We ensure that all Salesforce-related processes are perfected, essential integrations are provided, and all customer communications are personalized and efficient. All these factors work together to achieve a tangible revenue increase.

High ROI. A Nucleus Research study says that each dollar spent on CRM can return as much as $8.71 in terms of sales revenue. We have seen even higher numbers as ROI from our successful Salesforce customization projects.

Productivity increase. According to Salesforce Relationship Survey, Salesforce solutions improve sales productivity up to 25%. We have done several Salesforce customizations with priority for user convenience, which has significantly enhanced productivity.


Everything About the Different Types of Salesforce Clouds
Salesforce is undoubtedly the best CRM in the world. It offers a range of diverse cloud services with standalone applications in general and specific CRM solutions catering to all kinds of business.

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