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Salesforce Consulting Services

Our services will support your marketing, sales, and customer service requirements. Our CRM consulting experience spans across companies in IT, retail, finance & banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industry verticals.

If you have the following Salesforce challenges, then we can help.


What are the key takeaways?

We offer comprehensive consulting services if you intend to implement Salesforce or augment your existing solution which includes:

Whether you require to generate reports with improved visibility, decrease lengthy sales cycles or case resolution timeframe, initiate effective email marketing campaigns, or automate customer-service and sales-related processes, we will help you to address challenges efficiently and on time.

Our team helps you convert your definite business goals into specific Salesforce functionality (either custom or default).

Choosing the most suitable edition for your business challenges is possible without paying for unnecessary features. We evaluate your needs and offer recommendations for a particular edition that perfectly fits your business requirements.

We focus on designing sales, marketing, and customer service processes in Salesforce Service, Sales, and Marketing Clouds. For example, we craft tailored customer journeys, automate customer service and sales workflows, conduct targeted ad campaigns, and many other tasks to enable our clients to achieve their goals through Salesforce.

We focus on creating the best user adoption strategy that includes iterative user training sessions, release notes, timely Salesforce admin support for the users, and rewards for advanced users, to help the users master the new system.


Everything About the Different Types of Salesforce Clouds
Salesforce is undoubtedly the best CRM in the world. It offers a range of diverse cloud services with standalone applications in general and specific CRM solutions catering to all kinds of business.

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"Suyati's transparent cost driven model gave us the best skills at the fractionn of our historical cost"

– Randy Davis

Challenges We Solve

We have solutions for many Salesforce-related challenges, including:

Lower win rates due to an inconsistent sales process


We bring about enhancements in Salesforce Sales Cloud or completely alter your sales process. We suggest making use of default Salesforce functionality or implementing code-based customizations to make sure that the process automation is effective. It enables developing a structured sales process and demonstrating how it is followed, which guides the sales reps to close their deals effectively. In fact, Salesforce consulting services can up the win rates by about 26% and sales revenue by about 28%.


Poor quality customer service due to lengthy case resolution


We focus on helping you to boost your customer service quality by bringing in custom or default case management feature of Salesforce Service Cloud. We offer support in leveraging its automated case assignment, prioritization, and escalation mechanisms, and enhance the service agent productivity, leading to 31% faster case resolution.

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