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Salesforce Application Development

Since 2009, we have been delivering reliable custom Salesforce and AppExchange apps personalized to your individual business requirements.

With the right kind of apps, developers and admins can handle data in transformative ways—all without time-consuming coding that needs ongoing maintenance. Give each person in your organization real-time access to a comprehensive view of your customers. Learn ways to:


Benefits of Developing Custom Salesforce Apps

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*According to the IDC White Paper “Business Value of Building Apps on the Salesforce Lightning Platform”

Different Types of Salesforce Apps We Develop

We create bug-free and trustworthy applications that completely cover our customers’ or their clients’ business requirements in boosting or converting sales, customer service, and marketing processes. We also create apps that gain popularity with a large audience and rank higher on AppExchange.

Custom Apps for Internal Requirements:


1.Complicated apps that augment Salesforce functionality considerably. They enhance or transform internal business processes that cannot be resolved with regular CRM functionality. For instance, property management or delivery planning applications.

2. Small apps to resolve specific tasks within Salesforce including document generation and lead assignment.


AppExchange Apps


1.Applications enlisted on AppExchange that subsequently became an independent source of revenue.

2.Applications enlisted on AppExchange for integrating a product (a web application, a cloud platform, etc.) with Salesforce.

Application Project Management for AppExchange

We have established time scheduling processes, handling budget and developers’ work with comprehensive risk management practices, that help us offer high-quality apps.

Here is why our team delivers as promised:

Our iterative approach enables the end customers to use the basic version of the application as soon as possible. Subsequently, we include other features in response to product owner’s demands and users’ feedback.

We use a matured quality management system to provide bug-free apps that operate as intended and offer a logical and smooth user experience. Due to regular code reviews and unit tests, we achieve the app’s high-quality code and architecture, which provides for easy modification, maintenance, and development of an application.

Our work does not stop with the launch of an application. We constantly fine-tune applications to align with the changing business requirements by amending an app’s existing features or supplementing it with new functionality.

Capitalizing on our project management experience, we choose an appropriate delivery model (either iterative or at-once) and aptly prioritize the developers’ time, which ensures their high performance and helps to provide software without delays and rework. Thus, we avert the cost creep and project scope, and deliver cost-efficient apps, without negotiating on quality.

We offer flexibility in terms of a project’s start date and key development stages. In case a customer insists on shifting a project’s timeline, we adapt to the change quickly.


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