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DevOps Services

Our DevOps experts help enable DevOps operations for your business using advanced tools which suit the respective frameworks. At Suyati, we focus on automating the entire cloud set-up and the ensuing processes, while guaranteeing effortless continuous integration and continuous delivery to make your product hit the market quickly.

Our approach is based upon incorporating the whole range of DevOps tools and CI/CD processes/practices required to enhance the software delivery. We enable you to streamline operations, automate infrastructure, and accelerate infra/DevOps/security/QA communication. We offer support for our clients to create a frictionless environment and capitalize on coding practices which are secure. Our industry-validated DevOps practices are based upon the modern business standards. You can create an action plan which improves software delivery, automates the cloud infrastructure, and instills a DevOps culture in your company with the help of our highly-skilled DevOps professionals.

Ensuring a feature-rich product which caters to your requirements at an affordable cost and a much lesser time-frame using the DevOps best practices and market-leading services.

We analyze the existing state of the IT infrastructure, DevOps processes, and the application lifecycle competences. We offer help in designing roadmaps for overhauling processes/practices, incorporating robust security mechanisms and creating a full-fledged automated environment. Further, we detect the roadblocks and come up with appropriate solutions, and track the progress alongside by using key metrics.

We offer support to improve your operations, people skills, and tool chains required to maintain and upkeep the entire infrastructure. We help you to monitor the design, build-up, configuration controls, automation, and CI/CD process. We are bent upon implementing feedback practices, monitoring practices, and troubleshooting for our valued customers.

We provide end-to-end implementation of the DevOps best practices in order to improve the time to market of the product. We break the data and storage information into small fragments for the sake of effectual collaboration. We stick onto an agile DevOps model to hasten the development phase and provide feedback accordingly.

Service offerings

We help businesses to access the existing IT infrastructure and application lifecycle capabilities, scrutinize the current state of DevOps culture and help them create a roadmap, necessary actionable plan and other requirements.

We help businesses to extend their DevOps strategy to accommodate in the cloud. The DevOps cloud platform helps to accommodate more applications built, tested and deployed using state-of-the-art DevOps automation solutions.

We help businesses to efficiently integrate the work done by all developers in a dynamic environment for increased visibility across the team. We also help in validating the quality and functionality of the task through continuous automated testing to avoid any delays in discovering issues.

For efficient implementation, modern organizations need sophisticated DevOps managed service providers. We provide DevOps-as-a-Service that helps businesses to meet demanding development, implementation and delivery needs.

A successful DevOps implementation requires an effective DevOps implementation roadmap. Our agile DevOps implementation strategy helps businesses accelerate their business workflow with end-to-end automation.

Accelerate your DevOps journey with our eccentric DevOps consulting services. Our consulting team assists businesses to bring DevOps transformation from designing, development, and implementation to automation.

Our DevOps Managed Service Offerings


Why Capitalize on DevOps?


Decreased overheads as well as IT headcount




Enhanced communication
and teamwork


Diminished deployment
botches and rollbacks

Reduced development
cycles, quicker time to market

software updates



Why Suyati?

DevOps management on
an end-to-end basis
State-of-the-art technical
Improved data
Highly skilled
DevOps experts
Development carried
out on a 24-hour basis
Enhanced delivery

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