Data, Your Digital Asset

Leverage Technology to Analyze the Growing Volume, Velocity and Variety of Data for Deep Insights.

Analytics Services

Data is the new superpower that runs the core of an enterprise aspiring to be digital. It is an asset that supports businesses to learn about new opportunities, hidden threats, evolving customer expectations, competitive landscapes, etc. The problem-first or data first approach across industries leads businesses to demand smarter, productive, and analytical approaches to stay competitive in the cutting-edge marketplace. Big Data and Machine Learning technologies have empowered organizations with a real-time analytical approach and helped businesses understand consumer sentiment closely and accurately.

Data analytics helps organizations to increase their brand loyalty and articulate the hidden value of their products and services with increased throughput, reduced market-risks, and smarter decisions with data-driven decision systems, thus enabling enterprises to monetize data.

Our Data & Analytics Services Help You Reach Your Goals.

Will analytics play an important role in your future? You are no longer constrained by expensive data warehousing.

Modernize your analytics with cloud, flexible architectures, and the latest technologies. Streamline business insights from data while reducing costs.
How many times has someone asked, “where did that number come from?!” Uncertainty around data can make business management a major challenge.

Data quality manifests in reporting, metric formulation, business definitions, and reconciliation of data.

We can help you to reinforce quality across data governance, master data management, and technology components.

Haven’t you always known that your data has deep insights buried within it? Yet, predictive power is elusive and may seem like a magical impossibility.

Machine Learning and data science can unlock that predictive power.

Achieve cost-effective automation and process improvement through our Machine Learning SDLC.
We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So why are you still flipping through pages of numbers? Business Intelligence will surface the right information to accelerate decision-making.

Well-designed visualization solutions enable users to explore “beyond the dashboard”. Suyati connects business processes with tools, creating a powerful information-rich experience.

Our expertise in Power BI and Tableau will help you deliver actionable enterprise-level insights across your organization.

Is your IT team bandwidth-constrained? You’re not alone. Many organizations are challenged to allocate time and skills to support a data solution. We can shoulder the burden.

We offer support and maintenance services specifically for data & analytics solutions. This includes SLAs, fractional support, blended offshore/onshore teams, as well as architecture and advisory services.

We’ll bring the right talent, customized to your unique requirements.


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